xDedic.biz only on TOR!

We moved to TOR. The address is xdedicvhnguh5s6k.onion. Add to bookmarks, better to use only TOR version!

How to get to our shop using TOR

1. We need install special version browser for working in TOR network, go to URL https://www.torproject.org
2. Download and install TOR browser.

3. Open folder "Tor Browser" from the desktop, run the file "Start Tor Browser". In the window that opens, select the first item. Connection will begin.
4. After a while you are connected to TOR network.
5. Then open the URL http://xdedicvhnguh5s6k.onion. Add into exceptions list if asked. This will be the address of our shop in TOR network.
6. That\'s all. Now you can safely enter username and password and to use our shop with a bigger safety what before and without any restrictions.